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Palgy makes renewables cooler

The project developed by Ahmad Othman, third prize of the Palestine Cleantech Innovation Competition, is expected to increase by 30% the energy efficiency of solar panels during the hot season.

Founded in West Bank by Ahmad Othman, Palgy has identified a solution that tackles the decreased productivity of the solar panels due to intense heat and dust accumulation.
Specifically, the solution wishes to counteract this efficiency drop through the exploitation of the condensation water. Its device condenses and stores the water particles in the atmospheric air, and finally re-sprays them on the solar panel surface when temperature rises. As a result, energy efficiency is increased up to 30%, while the device consumes less energy.

Palgy - the prototype
The prototype designed by Ahmad Othman, Palgy, is expected to lower PV panels temperature and increase their productivity 30%

Palgy was assigned by the technical jury with the third prize. With the 25,000€, the startup will be able to design, prototype and test the device, together with issuing the necessary local licenses and patents.

Image above: the prize-giving ceremony of Palgy’s founder Ahmad Othman, awarded with the third prize of the Palestine CleanTech Innovation Competition – 1st Edition 2021 – credits MOUSTADAMA – UNIDO Palestine.

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