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“Building a Greener Palestinian Industry”: UNIDO Palestine and EBRD co-organize a webinar on tools and opportunities targeting the industrial private sector

Ramallah, Palestine – 03 November 2021 - A webinar on green energy transition for industries has been conducted today in virtual mode by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). Organized in partnership with the Ministry of National Economy and with the European Union Representative Office in Jerusalem, the webinar targeted Palestinian industries and their stakeholders and aimed to create awareness about the mutual opportunities offered by the two institutions targeting the application of green solutions within Palestinian industries.

Top officials and experts from UNIDO and EBRD attended the webinar, including H.E. the Minister of National Economy, Mr. Khaled OSAILY, the European Union Representative Office in Jerusalem (EUREP), the Head of Section Economic Development, Mr. Charles RAUDOT DE CHÂTENAY, the Director and Regional Head of Eastern Mediterranean Region, Mr. Philip TER WOORT, and the Head of UNIDO Palestine Programme Office, Mr. Ahmed ELFARRA.

The focus of the meeting was to highlight the available opportunities for supporting the implementation of sustainable energy solutions including energy efficiency and renewable energy for the industries in Palestine and to introduce the industrial enterprises with the available development tools they can benefit from the ongoing MOUSTADAMA Programme by UNIDO and the Advice for Small Businesses by EBRD. The co-organizers presented their Programmes and activities and introduced the audience to the broad catalogue of comprehensive offerings available for experts, technicians, and management of enterprises for sustainable operations in both business and clean energy spectrums. EBRD introduced its financial instruments and its sector development activities (SDA) and market development activities (MDA) targeting sustainable and renewable energy. The UNIDO presented the opportunities linked to the four components of its MOUSTADAMA Programme and discussed its distinguished approach to inclusive and sustainable industrial development (ISID) through energy empowerment for industries. Both institutions reaffirmed their committed to work together to continue to support the Palestinian private sector to favour investment and technology promotion, green capacity-building, and entrepreneurship development.

“Advancing the transition to a decarbonized economy is a priority today for many countries. The State of Palestine is one of them: converting our industries towards clean energy solutions is a necessity to which the State of Palestine, as signatory of the Paris Convention, is fully committed. To limit the amount of GHG emissions is not only an imperative to be able to solve the ecological threads of global warming, but it is also a huge economic opportunity that we must seize. Given the high price of energy in Palestine, clean energy solutions will offer the means to achieve a stronger energy independence that can put together environmental protection, competitiveness of our energy infrastructures, and hence competitiveness for our industries”, affirmed H.E. the Minister of National Economy Mr. Khaled OSAILY.

To this end, Mr. Philip TER WOORT said “The EBRD is committed to supporting the Palestinian private sector through finance and business advice, with a particular focus on addressing the needs of SMEs. In addition, enhancing energy efficiency and energy sustainability is one of EBRD’s main strategic pillars for our operations in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Together with the EU, we are delighted to collaborate with UNIDO to support a greener and more resilient Palestinian private sector.” EBRD launched advisory operations in 2018 in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, since then, the Bank already supported more than 50 SMEs through our unparalleled network of local and international advisors

Mr. Ahmed ELFARRA of UNIDO stated that "UNIDO is supporting Palestinian enterprises to pave the way for their decarbonization and sustainable development. We reiterate our commitment to work with our partners to provide access to sound green technologies and solutions including sustainable energy and relevant business skills that can increase productivity, enhance competitiveness, and alleviate poverty.” Mr. ELFARRA continued, “Synergies like the one established and presented today together with EBRD are crucial to further encourage environmentally responsible private investments. With more feasible financial resources and enhanced access, we can ensure that the right environment friendly technologies can be transferred to industries, and that these technologies can transform into a driver for stronger competitiveness at the industrial sector in Palestine.”

The webinar held provided the targeted Palestinian industries and their stakeholders with a new opportunity to maximize their engagement and benefits to better compete and grow in markets in Palestine, the region and beyond.

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