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Training reflects strong demand for new skills to build a sustainable future

A call for applicants who want training in a range of energy efficiency expertise elicited keen interest.

MOUSTADAMA enjoyed an enthusiastic response to its call for applications for training experts in various aspects of energy efficiency and renewable energy. More than 270 people took part in the initial sessions, signaling the enormous interest that Palestinians have in pursuing sustainable energy and especially in industry. 

Industrial enterprises and SMEs require professional support to identify and assess energy efficiency and renewable energy opportunities. In addition, energy service providers need to be equipped with the proper capacity to design, customize, install, and maintain sustainable and innovative energy solutions. An important aspect of the MOUSTADAMA Programme is training for a new generation of sustainable energy experts and technicians who will be essential for the animating the sustainable energy market in Palestine towards achieving inclusive and sustainable industrial development of the country. 

Training includes areas such as Energy Management Systems (EnMS), which is used by operators of electric utility grids to monitor, control, and optimize the transmission system; and Energy System Optimization (ESO), which ensures that the right amount of energy goes where it is needed.  

So far, three awareness sessions on the Energy Management Systems (EnMS) were concluded, with over 80 participants from both the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Two Energy Management Systems (EnMS) Industry User Training sessions were conducted with over 50 participants. Five awareness sessions on Energy Systems Optimization (ESO) were concluded, with 150 participants. In addition, UNIDO training material in EnMS and ESO were translated into Arabic and tailored for Palestinian industries also adopted to online training modalities in line with protective COVID-19 operational models.

To date, all training sessions have been conducted online to comply with COVID-19 health regulations. However, as the restrictions lift, the online courses will be expanded to include classroom teaching on site at host plants especially for the EnMS expert level trainings. Preparation and selection for the next two EnMS user training sessions will take place in the second quarter of 2021. In addition, an expert level training will be offered afterwards to those who have completed the necessary requirements.

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