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Palestine CleanTech Acceleration Program, a consultation workshop discusses its upgrades

An intensive consultation workshop involved the Host Organizations of the UNIDO CleanTech Hubs and UNIDO Palestine. Connected from Khan AlWakalah, Nablus, and Gaza University, the teams discussed upgrading MOUSTADAMA's CleanTech Acceleration services, activities and best practices for implementation, together with the establishment of a national Mentorship Network including technical and business support for further boosting the sustainability model of the services offered under the Programme.

Mr. Ahmed ElFarra of UNIDO stated that "the journey of CleanTech in Palestine is advancing progressively. More investors and innovators from the industrial sector see the value of the enabling platform we are creating, and are eager to join it to enhance their competitiveness and achieve sustainable, inclusive growth".

With the next Palestine Clean Tech Acceleration Program starting in one month, the consultation workshop has put the basis for its evolution. New candidates and initiatives will be announced in the upcoming weeks.

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