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A new Call for Applications for the Renewable Energy Training Program

UNIDO Palestine has launched a Call for Applications for its first, comprehensive course on renewable energy. Developed and animated by UNIDO’s international and local consultants, the Training Program will focus on solar PV systems and on the design, installation, operation, and maintenance of their different applications within the industrial sector. Conducted in hybrid modality, the course will alternate online classes to hands-on training in selected UNIDO’s hostplants and training centers. Through this new 16-day Training Program, UNIDO Palestine wishes to foster the development of a cadre of national professionals in Solar PV Technologies. Aimed at RE professionals, such as engineers and technicians, together with energy service providers and energy engineers from industrial enterprises, the course will equip a new generation of Solar PV specialists with the knowledge, skills and tools needed to support the design, implementation, operation and maintenance of various applications of Solar PV systems within industrial enterprises and other sectors in Palestine.

The is articulated into three modules:

  • Module 1 –Introductory to RE Technologies: UNIDO EE first approach, Basics of electricity, RE Technologies, PV solar systems types. 2 Days, online classroom.
  • Module 2 - Design of various Solar PV Systems: PV system components, Site Survey, Design, Financial analysis and contract biddings, usinf software such as PVsyst, SketchUp, etc. 8 Days, online classroom.
  • Module 3 - On-site practical training: Installation, testing and commissioning, operation & maintenance. 5 Days, physical attendance inside training center.

A final exam will be conducted after completion of the assignments and expected requirements. Successful trainees will receive a certificate of attendance of Hands-on Solar PV Training. The Call for Applications is available for any details, including trainees’ eligibility criteria. Women are encouraged to apply. The Application can be submitted through the official submission link.

Submission’s deadline is scheduled for August 18th, 17.00 Jerusalem time.

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