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MOUSTADAMA by UNIDO: Promoting an Energy Sustainable Palestinian Industry

In its initial year of operation, MOUSTADAMA gathers momentum with partners to boost competitiveness in industry through new and sustainable energy solutions.

Given the unique context in Palestine where energy shortages and high costs are daily realities for industries, MOUSTADAMA aims to enhance energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy in small and medium-sized enterprises. As the agency that implements the MOUSTADAMA Programme, UNIDO’s goal is to support policy and institutions that foster energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies and facilitate sustainable energy solutions in industry. 

To achieve those ends, the MOUSTADAMA Programme promotes, trains and nurtures energy experts and cleantech entrepreneurs; facilitates the use and enforcement of energy efficiency and renewable energy guidelines; supports demonstration projects to showcase the benefits of locally driven energy solutions; and catalyzes investments to accelerate startups to commercialize their cleantech solutions. 

These efforts will help make industries more efficient and enhance their competitive positioning, while leading to a reduction in green house gas emissions that contributes to protecting the global environment. In addition, with reduced energy costs and improved energy access, industries will be strongly positioned to build back better in response to the economic impact of the COVID-19 crisis.

The Programme benefits from UNIDO’s expertise, networks and experience in energy efficiency and renewable energy interventions in the industrial sector. As it set the foundation for its inclusive and locally driven approach in its first year of operation, the MOUSTADAMA Programme conducted a series of meetings and stakeholder consultations with partners, including government officials and policy makers, relevant private sector associations, and professional institutes, research centers and universities, SMEs, and service providers. Discussions created a refined understanding of the key elements of MOUSTADAMA as it ramps up its activities responding to the pressing demands on the ground. In addition, partnerships and close collaboration with all national stakeholders will be critical to enhance cleantech solutions and developing its sustainability model.

As MOUSTADAMA is accelerating its operations, it will help Palestinian industry to power up with greater energy access and independence, at lower costs, with fewer interruptions to its electricity supply. These advantages will fuel economic development, and increase the generation of relevant job opportunities, while also contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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