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The Ministry of National Economy Launches the Green Industries Department

As a priority intervention identified by the Sustainable Energy for Industry’s Technical Committee, MOUSTADAMA supported the creation of a specialized department at the Ministry of National Economy dedicated to boosting the adoption of sustainable energy solutions for Palestinian Industries.

The Green Industries Department (GID) is the Ministry of National Economy’s new specialized unit dedicated to support the energy transition of Palestinian industries. Envisioned by the members of the Technical Committee on Sustainable Energy as a strategic asset to facilitate a more energy resilient and competitive industrial ecosystem, GID is structured under the Directorate of Industry and Natural Resources and will play an observer and facilitator role to facilitate the enforcement of energy-related laws and bylaws, including the revision and update of the net metering regulation as it relates to the industry adoption of sustainable energy measures and the implementation of the Palestinian National Energy Efficiency Action Plan (NEEAP). 

Additionally, the Department will act as a focal point for all Palestinian industries interested in improving their competitiveness through energy efficiency measures and the adoption of renewables. Among its various tasks, the GID will also assume the secretariate role of the Technical Committee for ensured continuation and sustainability of its operation as a platform gathering the different related players for extending the coordination and support to industry.

"The decarbonization of our enterprises should not be experienced as an unnecessary constraint. On the contrary, it should be seen as an opportunity to optimize energy costs and advance competitive technologies that represent the future of economic development. The Green Industries Department will be able to help Palestinian industries in a tangible way by accompanying them through dedicated and trained staff and facilitating linkages to financial resources for their clean energy upgrade processes”, stated Ahmed ElFarra, UNIDO Senior Programme Officer Palestine.

100 industrial enterprises are currently involved through the MOUSTADAMA Programme in the implementation of the NEEAP: they will be engaged in the execution of energy efficiency measures at the industrial sector levels. MOUSTADAMA is supervising the implementation process and will share all the monitoring results with the GID to document and make visibile the benefits of sustainable energy interventions to a wider scope of Palestinian Industries at the national level. 

Colleagues from MoNE, including those in charge of the GID, are engaged in different activities and processes for promoting sustainable energy for industry in order to ensure taking the process forward. Additionally, the GID team and members continue to receive trainings in energy management systems, renewable energy and cleantech innovation and entrepreneurship to build their capacity for providing the needed support to the industry.


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