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Gaining hands-on experience in energy efficiency with our partnering host plants

The second Cycle of the Energy Management System (EnMS) Expert Training has started its hands-on activities at the partnering host plants, where site visits have been conducted in the latest days by the UNIDO Palestine team and its trainees.

The team and its international experts met with the top management and the technical team of the selected host plants, which are based in West Bank and Gaza. The top management confirmed their interest to collaborate with UNIDO to host the practical training and implement the EnMS in line with ISO 50001. They reiterated their willingness to reduce their energy costs and increase the reliability of their operations, and committed to provide the required human resources to facilitate the implementation process. 

The trainees had then an extensive tour inside the factories, where they visited all the industrial departments and got informed about the different operational process and energy sources. Thereafter, the trainees started developing the UNIDO EnMS tools and accomplish the following tasks:

  • They established the energy team that will be responsible to develop and implement the EnMS System, and after receiving an explicit approval from the top management, they clarified the roles and responsibilities for each member.
  • They drafted the the energy manual component and mapped all the required tasks with a description for the EnMS implementation, to be assigned to the relevant people and to ensure they know how to complete it.
  • They developed both PESTEL and SWOT analysis to identify external and internal issues that affect the energy performance - and also listed the opportunities and risks.
  • Within the facility, they identified which scope and boundaries can be covered by the EnMS system based on the significant energy uses available for example in the production lines, warehouse building, utility building, offices, transportation, etc..
  • Finally, they involved the energy team and conducted brainstormings for the potential policies. They then select the best component and drafted a final version of the policy which will be verified by UNIDO and submitted to each host plant top management for approval.

The process follows the guidelines established by UNIDO and is conducted under the supervision of the UNIDO international energy experts. The partnering industrial host plants for the 2nd Cycle of the EnMS Expert Training are Pepsi Palestine West Bank, Pepsi Palestine Gaza, Siniora Foods, AlQuds Pharmaceuticals Group, Al-jebrini Company, Elameer Ice cream, Hanover and AlSalaam Mills.

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