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Demo Projects are on the move

MOUSTADAMA is carrying on the implementation of detailed energy audits within the industrial facilities that were selected through the 1st Call for Applications for Demonstration Projects on Sustainable Energy. Before proceeding to on-site data collection and measurements of the energy outputs at the selected beneficiaries, a final template of the energy audit report was finalized by the MOUSTADAMA team in collaboration with a service provider and through the UNIDO HQ’s engagement and support.

38 detailed energy audits - 24 West Bank, 14 in the Gaza Strip – have been completed, together with the related business models developed for energy efficiency interventions and detailed renewable energy detailed designs. The business models also included a tailored analysis on available financial instruments.

In addition, a financial assessment and verification tool was developed, further verified, and tested to serve as a business model development tool for planned EE/RE interventions. The templates and tool will facilitate linkages with financial institution and programs. 24 bankable business models and feasibility studies have been drafted and consulted with banking systems and institutions.

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