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Awareness sessions on Demo Projects, a first series conducted all over Palestine

More than 140 Palestinian industry owners and employees attended the first cycle of awareness sessions promoted by the MOUSTADAMA Programme on its new Call for Applications for the Demonstration Projects on Sustainable Energy. The sessions, held by the UNIDO Palestine team in different locations across West Bank and Gaza Strip, have been organized in partnership with several institutions including the Investment Promotion and Industrial Estate Agency (IPIEA), the Palestinian Federation of Industries (PFI), together with the local Chambers of Commerce and Industries from Gaza City, Middle Gaza, Khanyounis, Rafah, Bethlehem, Ramallah, and Qalqilya Governorates.

High interest and engagement has been manifested by the representatives of different industrial sectors, who actively participated to the discussion by raising questions on UNIDO's "energy efficiency first approach", the types of expected no-cost and low-cost interventions, and the foreseen benefits on energy costs reduction.

The Call for Application on the Demonstration Project on Sustainable Energy can be filled at this link. The deadline to submit the application is set on May 12th at 17.00 h. 

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