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Training a New Generation of Energy Experts

MOUSTADAMA offers training for the future generation of technicians who will be essential for the sustainable development of the country.

MOUSTADAMA focuses on helping industrial small and medium enterprises build their capacity for energy efficiency and renewable energy adoption and upscaling. Industrial enterprises and SMEs require support to identify and assess renewable energy and energy efficiency opportunities. In addition, energy service providers need capacity to design, customize, maintain, and install innovative energy solutions.

MOUSTADAMA plans to train 100 technicians in the design, installation, operations,and maintenance of renewable energy technologies. Roughly 50 experts will be trained in energy management systems and energy auditing. Some 250 industrial enterprise staff, including engineers, will be trained in energy management systems.

The aim of MOUSTADAMA is to train and certify as many as 400 national energy experts, technicians, and industrial enterprise staff to further develop and support the local renewable energy and energy efficiency market in Palestine.

In addition, the Palestine Cleantech Innovation Programme is a structured accelerator and mentorship initiative that will support entrepreneurs from product development to networking, access to funds, and market exposure of sustainable energy solutions.Launched by UNIDO, it is the first cleantech program in Palestine.

Other focus areas

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