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Opportunities for Implementing Sustainable Energy in Palestine

Energy efficiency, biogas and solar investments represent a real opportunity for Palestine as it transitions from dependence on costly imported fossil fuels to reduce carbon use and lower greenhouse gas emissions

Energy efficiency and renewable energy measures have cascading effects on communities through advantages such as employment, enhanced industrial competitiveness, and the easing of domestic energy consumption costs.

No-cost or low-cost energy efficiency measures for SMEs save energy and cut production costs. Furthermore, a wider use of renewable energy would also reduce expenditures on electricity. Solar is the only energy source that can be generated in the West Bank and Gaza under the current restrictions. Palestine has a high solar energy potential with about 3,000 sunshine hours a year.

With more independence, fewer interruptions to electricity supply, and a more affordable energy system, Palestinian industries can thrive and fuel economic development. Reduced energy costs can boost the competitiveness of the industrial sector. In the long term, these steps can energize the economy while supporting a greener one.

Other focus areas

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