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The Importance of Women in the Energy Sector

Despite vulnerabilities stemming from differing gender roles, women can be key agents of change for sustainable energy

As energy experts, entrepreneurs and researchers, women with applied scientific interest can find tremendous opportunities for professional growth in the energy sector. Rooted in their communities, women can also play a vital role as leaders and consumers in building confidence in the use of clean energy technologies.

However, they face barriers. They are often hindered from accessing the necessary education, training, and financial service sand credit to get their own businesses up and running. They have limited access to information about energy options, together with the business, management and technical aspects of renewable energy technologies and energy efficiency options.

UNIDO projects are committed to gender equality and empowerment of women. MOUSTADAMA’s guiding principles ensure that both women and men are provided equal opportunities to participate in and benefit from the Programme. Additionally, a special category for support to women-led businesses will be part of the Programme effort to encourage women entrepreneurs.

Other focus areas

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