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Demand Creation in the Energy Sector

Industrial enterprises and SMEs in Palestine are largely unaware of the opportunities that energy efficiency and renewable energy can provide

In most instances, they have no access to information about the energy and cost savings from clean energy technologies. In addition, even if they are keen to adopt alternative energy sources, they lack the operational expertise to handle the transition toward clean energy solutions.

To showcase the benefits related to adopting clean technology solutions and energy management systems, MOUSTADAMA will support demonstration projects fostering interest and demand for sustainable energy approaches that enhance business competitiveness while moving Palestine towards a greener economy.

MOUSTADAMA will support 75 demonstration projects, financed in cooperation with donor-funded facilities.These projects will show the benefits of energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions in targeted industries. MOUSTADAMA will also support five pilot projects involving innovative business models. In addition, linkages to financing instruments will be available to support clean energy projects and promote new business models for decentralized energy solutions.

Other focus areas

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