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Sustainable Energy: EE, EnMS, ISO 50001

Sustainable Energy: EE, EnMS, ISO 50001

Energy Efficiency First Approach – User and Expert Trainings and Certifications in Palestine.

MOUSTADAMA’s webinar series continues with a deep dive into the world of energy efficiency.

The potential of the #DoMoreWithLess approach in energy management is incredibly promising, yet often untackled: Palestinian industries could reduce up to 20% of their present energy consumption through no-cost or low-cost interventions.

For this upgrade to take place, a new generation of energy experts needs to be trained and incorporated into the industrial sector. International and Palestinian experts operating in the world of industrial energy efficiency and #EnergyManagementSystem will guide the audience through the “Energy Efficiency First” approach and discuss the official trainings and certifications in the energy management sector.


  • Mr. Erik GUDBJERG, International Expert on industrial EE/EnMS;
  • Mr. Anas ABDALLAH, International EnMS Expert;
  • Mr. Marco MATTEINI, Industrial Development Officer, UNIDO;
  • Dr. Mohammed ALSAYED, Chairman of Energy and Environment Engineering Department, An-Najah University;



Mr. Alaa Al-Shalabi, UNIDO Palestine


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