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Introductory Webinar - Palestine CleanTech Innovation Competition 2nd Edition 2022

MOUSTADAMA organizes a webinar dedicated to the upcoming Palestine Cleantech Innovation Competition 2nd Edition 2022. Potential applicants will be introduced to the opportunities offered by the contest and its Acceleration Program, to the results and Champions from the 1st Edition, and will be offered support to fill the online application form.


18:00 - 18:05   Intro remarks

18:05 - 18:15   Sustainable Energy for Industry, the Opportunity - Mr. Ahmed ElFarra, Senior UNIDO Programme Officer

18:15 - 18:40   CleanTech Solutions for Industry - Mr. Gerswynn Mckuur, Global Coordinator of the UNIDO's GCIP Program

18:40 - 18:45   Palestine CleanTech Champions (from the 1st Edition)

18:45 - 19:00   Introducing the 2nd edition of the Palestine CleanTech Innovation Competition

                           Question and answers

Please fill the form below to register to the event and to be recontacted by email with a link to the webinar. For any additional information, please do not hesitate to get in contact to or through our social media channels.

Please note that, if you are interested to better develop your idea/startup, and technically and commercially enhance your idea, form your team, and interact with business and technical people, you can join one of the 1-day Hackathons / Idea generation days.

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