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Cleantech Ideas

Palestine CleanTech Innovation Competition - 2nd Edition 2022

Twenty-five startups completed the acceleration journey of the Palestine CleanTech Innovation Competition - 2nd Edition 2022.
These are the original ideas they developed and fine-tuned with the support of their mentors and coaches.



Trailblazing sustainable solutions excellence

Beta-blockers offers BB-alpha, a solution designed to increase the efficiency of PV systems
throughout their lifetime. Its technology can prevent a 45% efficiency deficit that often occurs during the PV panel life cycle, resulting in a higher return on investment for customers.

Founders: Sami AlNabulsi, Mohammed AlFayoumi

Biogas Fields

Together Towards Green Energy & Environment

Biogas Fields developed a solution for addressing the accumulation of solid waste and the high cost of electricity. By utilizing the Indian biogas production technology to convert organic waste into methane, the solution reduces the amount of solid waste, produces electricity, and generates an organic fertilizer.

Founders: Mohammed Hanouna, Amjad AlNour, Ghadir Hanouna, Mojahed Hasouna, Serin Hanouna

EGS- Experts for Gaz Services

Fuel Energy Catalyzer System

EGD provides a new system that saves fuel consumption (liquefied gas, diesel) and helps reduce emissions from burning fuel. This solution offers energy savings by 15% - 30% and reduces the percentage of combustion products, especially CO2-Nox, by 60%-85%.

Founder: Wael Issa

Electrical and Thermal Solar Air Conditioners

ABI Energy

Electrical & Thermal Solar Air Conditioners is offering a hybrid solar air-conditioner which harnesses the power of both electricity and solar energy to operate in a highly efficient and environmentally-friendly manner. By utilizing the principles of fluid dynamics, the system seamlessly integrates an absorption working system with a compression system, and utilizes eco- friendly cooling and heating systems.

Founders: Ahmad Abu Kishek, Bayan Hababa, Imad Al Zir

Energy Integrated Solutions

Minimum Space Maximum Productivity

Energy Integrated Solutions aims to develop the most efficient & most productive solar panel system by making a new geometrical design able to increase the panel's surface in less space on ground. M1 is a new isolated internal cylindrical PV system, which can maximize the total surface area of the PV system with the possibility to increase the vertical length of the cylinder.

Founders: Omar Amer, Ali Hamdallah, Haneen Hamarsheh


Cleaning solar panels 4 Sustainable energy

Environeur's solution makes solar panels work at peak efficiency through a solar panel cleaning robot coupled with a monitoring system that detects dust accumulation and sends an alarm signal when cleaning is required. The robot moves into action to safely and effectively remove dust and debris.

Founder: Mohammed Bsaiso


Best Distilled Water with Lowest Price & Highest Quality

EPCO has developed a solar water distillation system that utilizes the sun's power to generate high-quality, sterile water for various industrial uses. Managed by a mobile application that ensures optimal performance, the distillation system can produce 100% clean water with only 1% solid waste generated during the distillation process.

Founders: Dafer Al-Helou, Abeer Ismail, Ola Alshaikh Ali, Ola Zaida, Rawan AlWadiya


Sustainable Resources, Resilient Communities

Flowless helps factories and manufacturers improve daily operations and resource efficiency through remote monitoring and control automation. Flowless web platform analyzes real-time data and get automated interpretations to help automate processes, reduce waste, and increase profitability. Flowless' system utilizes AI-aided analytics to detect faults and optimize operations, ultimately cutting down operational costs and reducing input materials and energy losses.

Founders: Baker Bozyieh, Osama Hannini, Iyad Arafat, Ayya Bozyieh

Food Harvest

A new perspective in sustainability values

Food Harvest has developed a biogas production from organic wastes. A lab mixture will speed up the digestion process, increase methane production in an industrial digester for organic waste, and then recycle the leftovers into compost.

Founders: Ehab Totah, Muhammad Totah

Free Wind Turbine

Toward a Bright Night

The Free Wind Turbine is a vertical wind turbine consisting of three wings or frames. Its vertical pillar is the main axis around which the wings move, generating electricity from the wind. This new design provides a solution to several problems, such as the global deficit in electric energy production and a solution to increasing global warming. The new system is also less expensive in manufacturing, transportation, and installation and much easier to be maintained.

Founders: Ameer Ghanem, Muhammad Suweilem, Fayzeh Batta


Fast Heating, High Efficiency

FT TEQ has developed a heating system that utilizes electromagnetic induction powered by PV solar energy. The system is designed to transition to electric energy when solar power is unavailable, providing a reliable and efficient heating solution and saving up to 30% on electricity costs associated with heating.

Founders: Ashraf Ali, Ahmed Dokhan, Ahmed Zurob, Mariam Abbas

Future Technology Energy Solutions

Transforming Agri Waste to Energy

The startup has developed a solution to break down agricultural waste into several useful products, including briquette charcoal (70%), biochar (20%), wood vinegar (7%), and Tar (3%). Briquette charcoal is a more concentrated, smokeless, slow-burning, more efficient fuel source, and easier to store and transport than traditional charcoal.

Founders: Hasan Zayed, Ali AlHendawi


 Go Hydrogen... Go Green…

HYD utilizes the energy of renewables to produce green hydrogen through water electrolysis. Hydrogen then can be directly used in heating or for producing energy through fuel cells. It can also be stored in safe containers and tanks for later use as a clean fuel or as a feedstock in several industrial processes.

Ice Tech

Free Freeze All Day

Ice Tech presents an innovative, cost-saving solar solution to keep freezers running smoothly. Its core components are a PV solar panel that feeds a MPPT controller which maximizes the power output and transmits it to the DC compressor. The system allows to harness the power of the sun and save money on electricity costs.

Founders: Nasser Dawoud, Abed Al Karem Dawoud, Khaled Dawoud

Nano Panels

 Work Smarter Not Harder

Nano Panels presents a nanotechnology that increases the efficiency of solar panels by 30% by integrating a thin nano-silicon wafer on top of each panel. In addition, it provides an ideal solution for preventing dust from building up on the surface.

Founders: Hamada Husni Shaath, Mohannad AlHendi, Maha Al Halaq


We Wind, You Win

NOOR Tech developed a design for a vertical-axis wind turbine. Its double-layer technique enhances the device's efficiency by creating a concentrated, oriented, and receivable wind flow from all directions. NOOR Tech turbine is cost-effective, with savings of up to 40%-75% on electricity bills.

Founders: Nour Taher Lulu, Anas Ramiz Lulu, Matar Totah, Mohammad Salah, Samar Taher, Mohammad Salah

Plastic Waste to Fuel (Plast2Fuel)

Cycle & Recycle to Zero Plastic waste

Plast2Fuel's solution converts plastic waste into fuel using pyrolysis technology. Every 1,250 kg of plastic waste can be converted into 1,000 liters of fuel. The company will offer the fuel at a lower price to factories by up to 17%.

Founders: Abdallah Aziz, Mohammed Alrayyes, Qasem Aziz, Shatha Hussein

Renewable Energy Services

Together Always Light Your House

Renewable Energy Services' solution is based on a Tesla turbine generating energy from domestic water. The turbine utilizes the water flow pressure from the building's plumbing systems and converts it into electricity. Water is raised to the tanks through public electricity and reused to generate energy during power outages, with cost savings of 87.5% over street generators.

Founders: Fady Naser, Raed Elhassanat

Smart Solar Tracing System(SUNACT)

Track the Sun and Save your Space

SUNACT developed a solution to enhance the efficiency of PV panels by up to 25% by utilizing a tracking system, which constantly adjusts the position of the PVs to keep the sun rays perpendicular to its cells. The solution helps reduce the number of PV panels needed to generate a certain amount of energy.

Founders: Ahmed Abutabaq, Khair Ghunaim, Loay Sharaf, Mohammed Hathat

Super Solar

Optimize Electricity Costs to Min Level

Super Solar is an automated monitoring and control system that optimizes the performance of solar power sources. Its algorithm makes decisions based on fixed and variable costs and is connected to a hardware device to make switching decisions for enhanced efficiency. Electricity costs are reduced by up to 50%.

Founders: Meera Falyouna, Aseel Alhames

Sustain Tech

Technology of Sustainable Energy

Sustain Tech developed a low-cost dynamic controller for PV-Gen hybrid systems that works with both old & new generators. The controller allows the generator to operate at the minimum load and maximize solar energy utilization. Fuel consumption is meant to be reduced by up to 60%.

Founders: Maisara AbuOun, Aseel AbuHasanein

Thermoelectric Generator

Keeping a Clean Environment

Thermoelectric Generator has developed a solution to use heat waste to generate an electrical energy that is produced from the machines by using semiconductors materials. The difference of temperature degrees will result in a voltage differential, which will produce an electronics flow and an electrical.

Founders: Hamza Abdo, Motaz Abdo


Fuel for the Future

Waqodi is developing a solution to repurpose dash-panels from cars damaged in accidents, which are traditionally disposed of by incineration. The solution converts these materials into a fuel source that can be used in factories, effectively reducing waste and promoting sustainability.

Founders: Ramez Al-Bazour, Yazan Attatri, Ahed Gazzal


Waterco is Always the Closest to You

Waterco developed a solution for freshwater distribution in Gaza that utilizes an ultrasonic sensor to accurately measure the water level inside the tanks and send this information to a mobile application. Users can easily monitor their water supply, and request refills promptly, saving valuable time and money for both users and water providers.

Founders: Dr. Abdullah Murtaja, Ibrahim Kullab, Khader Murtaja

Windy Trucks

Never Get Stuck

Fuel is one of the biggest operational costs for trucking. The elimination of even 1% of fuel emissions would annually save $1.43 billion for the industry. Windy Truck's solution is putting a wind turbine on trucks to help reduce the use of fuel and save billions of dollars in fuel costs over the years. When a driver applies brakes, the baffle on the airfoil opens and the wind rushes through rapidly spinning the turbine. The turbine drives a generator to produce and store the energy in batteries for later use at night or to refrigerate the trailer on route.

Founders: Osama Ghurayyeb, Batool Ulayyan, Hussain Samarsa

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