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Cleantech Ideas

Palestine CleanTech Innovation Competition - 3rd Edition 2023

Seventeen startups completed the acceleration journey of the Palestine CleanTech Innovation Competition - 3rd Edition 2023.
These are the original ideas they developed and fine-tuned with the support of their mentors and coaches.



Agriculture Orientation Technology

AGRIOTEC's precision technology system provides an effective solution for safe agricultural production and monitoring of chemicals & pesticides focusing on greenhouse farmers. AGRIOTEC addresses the problem of random consumption of agricultural resources by providing farmers with an integrated system offering centralized monitoring and customized guidance and instructions. The system uses machine learning methods to support the farmer's performance in agricultural activities, helping to increase crop production and reduce costs.

Founders: Hisham Ali Shriam, Mohammeed Shriam


Where Efficiency Meets Innovation

AQUA AI is a pioneering startup that revolutionizes solar water heaters by turning them into intelligent systems. Their innovation allows real-time sharing of water temperatures within the heater, empowering users to manage water usage efficiently. This not only reduces wastage but also cuts carbon dioxide emissions, maximizing the benefits of solar water heaters in both residential and industrial sectors. AQUA AI's technology can reduce the consumption  of electric water heater by an impressive 50% to 80%.

Founders: Abed Al-Ghani HamedAtef Shkokani, Mohammad Shkokani

BMT Solar and Energy Systems

Use Surplus Energy As Compressed Air

BMT Solar and Energy Systems offers a smart device designed to replace conventional thermostats in cylindrical water heaters and industrial heating systems. The device connects to a mobile application and allows users to reduce electricity costs, conveniently regulate heating and improve safety features to prevent potential explosions. 

Founder: Nour Madlig, Fateh Hamarsheh, Arwa Abu Baker, Mohammad Hamarsheh

DaleelKey Capital for Business Development LLC

Together Towards Green Industries for a Greener Palestine

DaleelKey Capital for Business Development focuses on the production of dry wall systems from gypsum blocks, providing an environmentally friendly, cost-effective alternative to cement blocks and plaster for interior walls. They recycle waste from gypsum block production and marble slurry, addressing two major environmental problems in the industrial sector in Palestine. This approach contributes to sustainability while providing construction solutions.

Founders: Ahmad Al-Sayed Ah, Yousef Al-Sayed Ahmad, Haneen Al-Sayed Ahmad, Omar AlSayed Ahmadmad


Carpool: Share The Ride, Save the Planet

EcoMove is a carpooling platform that is:

● Easy to use

● Made by Palestinians for Palestinians

● Cheaper & secure & safer than existing alternatives

Founders: George Lolas, Suha Handal, Mohammad Shawa, Jessica Kasbary,  Tony Lambertus

Glean for Sorting and Recycling

From Plastic Bags To Interlock Tiles

Glean for Sorting and Recycling is an initiative to collect and recycle plastic bags to produce sustainable tiles for use in infrastructure projects. This project reduces plastic pollution and provides sustainable building materials. It also raises environmental awareness and contributes to sustainable development. In general, this project is an example of using innovation to solve an environmental problem and achieve multiple economic and environmental benefits.

Founder: Khalil M K Aldadah, Ghadeer Hamdouna

Green Cycle Units

Transforming Waste Into Green sources

Green Cycle Units is a forward-thinking initiative that aims to address some of the most pressing challenges in agriculture and environmental sustainability, including the overuse of chemical fertilisers, the accumulation of animal waste and the lack of practical knowledge to effectively address these issues. Our solution is to turn waste into green resources, promote sustainable agriculture and improve the overall health of the environment.

Founders: Yazan ShamroukhAnwar Hilal, Amira Hilal

Green Tech

Generating Energy from Sea Waves

The Gaza Strip produces 2,000 tonnes of solid waste per day, which is a serious environmental hazard as the sector suffers from a lack of landfills and recycling facilities. The amount of plastic is estimated to be 13 percent of the total waste. The project will work to convert plastic waste into energy through pyrolysis in an airtight, environmentally friendly system to reduce the volume of waste and provide energy to the Gaza Strip.

Founders: Jomana  Alajrami, Husain Alajrami, Dalia Atawneh

Green World

Recovery.. Reduce.. Reuse.. Recycle

Green World: To Clean World isn't just about protecting the environment, it's about changing our habits and attitudes towards waste, plastic use and recycling. By offering durable plastic products made from recycled plastic, Green World promotes a recycling culture, creates jobs and engages students in volunteer work to build a cleaner, more sustainable world for present and future generations. By engaging all these stakeholders, Green World can turn waste into wealth and leave a positive legacy for our planet.

Founders: Mohammad Mohtaseb, Sara Abu Nijmeh, Abed-Rahman Amer, Dalia Ramadan, Sama Ibliyeh 

Nanotechnology for water systems and environment

It’s Green, It’s Clean, It’s Never Seen — That’s Nanotechnology

This start-up uses advanced nanotechnology to improve water and wastewater treatment processes. By using nanotechnology-based modified membranes, they achieve higher water recovery, longer membrane life, improved energy efficiency and reduced operating costs in water treatment. This innovation holds great promise for addressing water challenges.

Founders: Ali Alsayed, Dr. Ahlam Bushkar, Mulham Bushkar

Palestinian Water and Environment

The business start-up is based on the partnership with the patent holder, Aqualia, of the MIDES project of microbial desalination cells. Based on the wastewater treatment by Geobacter, it directly generates the electricity needed to operate the RO desalination. Thus, it is possible to reduce the electricity demand from 4 to 0.5 kWh/m3, together with low cost drinking water production and electricity generation, and free cost of wastewater treatment. Business expansion takes place through drinking water cost saving revenue.

Founders: Muhammed Abu ElRish, Abdulkarim Imara, AlaaEldin ElJaeeb

PTAT Waste to Energy

PTAT provides a reliable and cheaper source of electricity for factories in Gaza. By converting an internal combustion engine into a steam piston engine that produces electricity, the start-up allows municipal waste to be burned to produce steam. In addition, the start-up has modified the burner to cope with the humidity of the organic waste during the incineration process.

Founders: Mostafa Kolab, Maher Mekky, Osama Hilles, Ammar Yasser


Emerald Economy

More than just a space, Rayan is a catalyst for positive change in the Palestinian industrial landscape.  By fostering innovation, supporting local industry and promoting sustainability, the project aims to empower individuals and communities while contributing to Palestine's economic growth and development. Through its multi-faceted approach, it aims to shape a brighter and more prosperous future for the region.

Funders: Shireen AlQawasmeh, Fayez AlKaraki, TaqyEldeen AlKaraki


Shams Your Way to a Bright Life

Shams presents a solar thermal hybrid system that produces both electricity and hot water. It uses vacuum glass tubes filled with water under transparent solar cells to produce electricity and hot water simultaneously.  This innovative arrangement increases energy efficiency and sustainability by using sunlight for multiple purposes.

Founders: Nidaa Qatu, Weam Qatu, Ouf Qatu, Moneer Qatu.


Smart Electric Water Heater

Efficiency and Comfort, Without Compromise

Smart Electric Water Heater redefines heating systems by combining intelligent heating, mobile control, cost-effective efficiency, and enhanced safety features. It promises to revolutionize energy consumption, reduce bills, and provide peace of mind for both residential and industrial heating needs.

Funders: Marah Hijazi, Ahmed Khraisha, Mays Hejazi

Smart Fresh Water Delivery System

Always closest to you

When fresh water tanks are emptied without alarm and long periods elapse before they are refilled, hundreds of schools, industrial estates and residents in remote areas face multiple inconveniences. Smart Fresh Delivery System has developed a solution based on an ultrasonic water level sensor. Installed on the fresh water tanks, the sensor triggers an alarm when the water tank is empty. The use of a mobile application to communicate with customers is another unique competitive advantage.

Funders: Ibrahim Kullab, Abdullah Murtaja, Khader Murtaja

Solar Energy Management Device

Solar Energy Management Device has developed a device for monitoring and controlling solar energy systems. It measures energy sources (solar, electricity, batteries), controls the connected electrical loads and synchronizes their operation based on the availability of sources from the solar energy system. It also allows operation scheduling, load distribution and remote operation.

Founders: Mohammed Redwan, Osama Redwan

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