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Palestine CleanTech Innovation Competition – 3rd Edition 2023

Promoting climate & clean energy technology, innovation & entrepreneurship

Deadline: Sat, 12/31/2022


Join the 3rd Edition of the Palestine CleanTech Innovation Competition

The Palestine CleanTech Innovation Competition – 3rd Edition 2023 supports entrepreneurs every step of the way to build successful Palestinian cleantech businesses by providing state of the art training and mentoring services, access to hardware labs, and co-working spaces, together with access to networks, funds, and investors.

The Competition fosters strategic technological innovation and aims to solve energy challenges of the industrial sector to increase its competitiveness and resilience. Through its newly prototyped cleantech ideas, the Competition contributes to mitigating the impact on the environment through the reduction of gas emissions.

The Palestine CleanTech Innovation Competition – 3rd Edition 2023 is launched within the activities of the Palestine CleanTech Innovation Program (PCIP), orchestrated by the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) in Palestine within the MOUSTADAMA Programme, funded by the European Union (EU) and implemented in partnership with the Ministry of National Economy (MNE) and the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Empowerment (MoEE). The main areas covered by the CleanTech Programme include:

  1. Develop and animate the Clean Technology Innovation Ecosystem in Palestine through the establishment of a Network of CleanTech Hubs;
  2. Organize the CleanTech Competition and develop related CleanTech Acceleration services; and
  3. Promote and establish linkages to similar hubs through international networking and market exposure.

The 1st Edition of the Competition, launched in July 2021 and concluded in January 2022, saw the participation of more than 90 entrepreneurs and startups. Of the 32 selected based on the eligibility criteria and the proposed business idea, 22 successfully completed the Acceleration Program and pitched their innovative solution in front of an international technical jury. 6 startups were then selected to present their idea in a final public pitching event, The Palestine CleanTech Champions Day, and 3 were awarded the title of Champion and received each the 25,000€ prize.

The 2nd Edition of the Competition was launched on April 2022. Around 30 startups are currently finalizing their projects under the technical and business guidance offered by the coaches and mentors of the Palestine CleanTech Innovation Program. The Palestine CleanTech Champions Day will be hold in December 2022.


The National CleanTech Network of Hubs

Located in the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and Gaza, the three physical CleanTech Hubs provide a dedicated environment for entrepreneurship to support Cleantech innovations following the UNIDO Global CleanTech Innovation Programme (GCIP) approach, which has already been successfully implemented at the global level.

The Cleantech hubs provide mentorship to cleantech start-ups in the commercialization of their products and/or services through targeted capacity building, tools, and activities. In particular, the hubs serve as an effective Research and Development as well as a Training Platform, an Industry ENE Clinic, and a Clean Technology Accelerator.



The Program is addressed to individuals and teams having innovative cleantech business ideas, proof of concepts, prototypes, and /or products, and/or to start-ups (generally less than a few years old, and before significant funding, revenue, or traction). The competition is open to Palestinian Entrepreneurs based in Palestine and abroad.


The business ideas, prototypes, and products should fall into the Energy Efficiency (EE), Renewable Energy (RE), and Water-Energy Nexus (Efficiency) categories and aim to solve the energy challenges of the industrial sector.


3 best start-up ideas will be awarded up to 25,000 Euro each; up to 3 national winners will be selected to participate in the GCIP annual Global Forum in Silicon Valley*.

* The GCIP Global Forum might be conducted online if new sanitary measures imposing travel restrictions are adopted.

Selection Criteria

Submitted applications will be assessed based on three basic criteria:

  1. Team/Individual’s market fit together with business and technical skills;
  2. Product/Solution competitiveness, desirability, innovation, and scalability;
  3. Market potential, accessibility and ability to find early adopters.

What Will You Get?

  • Participation in the Cleantech Palestine’s acceleration program designed by GCIP, Cleantech Open, and other recognized cleantech accelerators;
  • Participation in intensive business model and product development training;
  • Great opportunity to work with professional mentors and experts;
  • Networking opportunities with various innovative cleantech startups, companies, and technologies;
  • Access to the angel investors, venture capitals, and other sources of funding;
  • Access to potential customers;
  • Access to media exposure & coverage;
  • Access to the hubs’ facilities, R&D and prototyping labs, and coworking spaces;
  • Participation in clean technologies and business-related workshops, events, and additional training.

Why Should You Apply?

  • The Palestine CleanTech Innovation Program has the only cleantech accelerator in Palestine that cooperates with the UNIDO’s Global Cleantech Innovation Program (GCIP), Cleantech Open - the largest cleantech accelerator based in Silicon Valley, and other international cleantech accelerators and programs;
  • Besides the monetary prizes, you could get the chance to establish a start-up concept, a fully developed product, networking opportunities including exposure to investors, a clear future roadmap for your startup, and the possibility of getting funds.

The Programme Timeline

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
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Call for Applicants

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Application Screenings

Selected candidates Announcement

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Acceleration Program

Business training, mentoring, product development, webinars, business clinics, etc.

National Winners Ceremony

Mock Judging, Final presentation & announcement of Winners

Application for Palestine Cleantech Innovation Programme – 3rd Edition 2023

Please find the complete application form here (in .pdf). We invite you to download and read it carefully before starting to fill the form. A motivation letter and a one-minute video will have to be prepared in advance and uploaded before submitting the application.

Question marked as * are compulsory.


Yes, in fact, the program encourages applications from Palestinians living in any part of the world.

No, you can be an individual, a team, or a company (for example, a corporation or LLC); however, in order to get the award at the end of the competition, you should form a team and would need to register a company.

Yes, you can apply and might be accepted if your global application meets the requirements. However, it's preferable that the founding team have the skills to build their product themselves, rather than outsourcing it to someone else. So, during the program, you should form a team and find a technical co-founder.

We seek ideas that fall in one of the following three categories:

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Renewable Energy
  • Water Efficiency

However, there can be thousands of different technological solutions that could fall into these three categories starting from software, IoT, and other hardware solutions that would save and generate renewable energy and save industrial water. The solutions that would make the existing such technologies more efficient are also welcomed.

There is neither program entry nor participation fee. The whole program including the support you get during and after the program is free of charge.

Yes, you can submit more than one idea. However, individuals are only allowed to represent one team / idea during the acceleration program.

Once your entry is submitted you will not be allowed to change or edit it; however, you will be allowed to submit additional materials/information before the final deadline. However, if accepted to the program you are allowed to change and refine your idea/concept during the first 3-4 weeks of the acceleration program.

There are three rounds of judging:

  • The first round of judging: the panel of judges will select the acceleration program participants from a pool of applications. We expect that about 30-50% (see below) of the applicants will be selected to enter the program.
  • Mock Judging: 1-2 weeks before the end of the acceleration program the participating startup will pitch their business models/technologies before the judges; this exercise is not for selecting winners but for providing valuable feedback to the startups to improve their final business models and pitches and get ready for the final pitching. However, there may be cases that judges would suggest that some startup(s) are not ready for the final pitch. So, it all depends on how much time and effort the startups put into the program.
  • Final Judging: during the final judging event the startup will pitch before a panel of judges. The judges will select three national winners who will get up to 25,000 Euro award for each, and also will participate in the UNIDO Global Cleantech Innovation Program’s Global Forum taking place in Silicon Valley (TBC).

We expect that about 30-50% of applicants will be accepted as participants. However, this is not a hard number as it depends on the quality of applications we will receive.

The applications for the Palestine Cleantech Program’s competition will be evaluated based on the three major criteria:

  • Team/Individuals – the credibility and motivation of the team members or individual applicants will be taken into account. Additionally; founder-market fit, complementary fit in the team, if a technical/business component is included will also be evaluated.
  • Concept/solution (product or services) – It demonstrates the potential for a sustainable competitive advantage and it is scalable, innovative, and realistic with an existing pain.
  • Market – The potential market size is large enough for sustained business growth, whether the market is easily accessible, and “early adopters” can be easily acquired.

No - we accept startups at all stages of development. We accept applications from startups with only a concept and no prototype, and from teams who already selling a product to their initial customers.

However, the curriculum and program of Cleantech Palestine is most useful for companies who are still doing Customer Discovery, creating their Business Models, and forming their products.

As in cases of other activities, what you will get out of Cleantech Palestine will depend on how much effort you put into the program. You should expect to spend 4-8 hours per week on the program-related activities at any given point during the acceleration.

The required Launchpad program at the beginning will be 7-9 days and the Global Forum is a week-long event/activity taking place in Silicon Valley (TBC).

Yes, Cleantech Palestine targets and supports early-stage startups; however, we will be working with startups in different stages of development. There are startups that were established and working for several years; however, they need to refine their business models, develop some new key connections, get new inspiration, and great visibility to move forward more effectively. So, the program can help them.

Also, a significant part of our acceleration program focuses on finding and speaking with customers: finding them, learning about their needs, and understand how your startup and product/technology can satisfy those needs.

We should note that there are many startups applying to an acceleration program that doesn’t need money. The awards that we provide are just a small part that the acceleration program offers to the startups.

Yes, you can apply and join our acceleration program. However, as you have completed another program, we may expect that you have reached some level of progress.

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