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Promoting an energy sustainable industry in Palestine

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Encouraging the use of renewable energy solutions

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A stronger industrial competitiveness through cleantech innovation

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Linking the energy sector with industry in Palestine

MOUSTADAMA – the Arabic equivalent to SUSTAINABLE in English -- is a four-year programme that runs through 2023 to boost competitiveness in the industrial sector in Palestine through promoting and applying sustainable energy solutions.

MOUSTADAMA focuses on small and medium-sized industrial enterprises to help them build their capacity for achieving energy efficiency and use of renewable energy to counter the chronic energy shortages and high costs of electricity that are a permanent reality in Palestine.

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Strengthen policies and regulations for promoting the application of renewable energy and energy efficiency in the industrial sector

For small-scale renewable energy projects to flourish in Palestine, they need clear regulations that allow companies to connect to the grid. MOUSTADAMA will facilitate the operationalization and reinforcement of energy efficiency and renewable energy guidelines and policies.


Develop local skills to design renewable energy and energy efficiency projects

MOUSTADAMA will train 100 technicians in the design, installation, operations, and maintenance of renewable energy technologies. The Programme will also train about 50 experts in energy management systems and energy auditing through mentoring and coaching for one year. Finally, some 250 industrial enterprise staff, including engineers, will be trained in energy management systems.


Create demand for clean energy technologies to boost a green economy

MOUSTADAMA will foster the demand for clean energy technologies, supporting 75 industry demonstration projects in addition to five decentralized energy pilot projects that will showcase the benefits of energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions, raising the interest of the market to take up these solutions on a wider scale in the industrial sector. This will benefit from enhahnced availability of clean energy financing instruments.


Foster innovation and entrepreneurship in clean technology

MOUSTADAMA will help 90 entrepreneurs to develop innovative, cleantech solutions in energy efficiency, renewable energy, or water-energy nexus. Through its three CleanTech Hubs, it will offer mentoring, coaching, and access to relevant networks for cleantech startups, while its Palestine CleanTech Innovation Programme will award up to 25,000€ to the best startup ideas.

Energy efficiency measures and renewable energy solutions offer a strong foundation for the future. In particular, industrial energy efficiency can boost business competitiveness and help secure the long-term sustainability of Palestine’s priority sectors, which would protect more than 40,000 jobs and help create new jobs in Palestine.


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